WODs – Why Workouts of the Day are Important

by Administrator | 26th Jul, 2017 | CrossFit

As anyone involved in CrossFit training can tell you, it’s all about the WODs. Workouts of the Day are central to the CrossFit concept, and provide participants with a set of activities or modalities that are performed in a particular way or repeated for a set length of time.

Part of the magic of CrossFit training is that you never know what the daily WOD is going to be. It might be burpees and sit-ups followed by jumping jacks. Or it might be a series of sprints followed by weight lifting. Not knowing what the WOD will be tomorrow means you need to prepare for it today by conditioning your entire body to be ready for anything.

Be Yourself, Don’t Compete

Once you start CrossFit training, you might see people posting incredibly low times on WODs, and you might feel like you need to keep that pace, or beat it. Don’t fall into the competition trap. The only times you need to worry about are YOUR times. If you stick with your program, stay on your supplements, and start tracking your times on previously comparable WODs, you WILL see an improvement. What other people do has nothing to do with improving your time.

Get the Right Gear

Once you’re ready to start taking CrossFit training seriously, you’ll need the right gear. Hitting WODs without accessories designed to prevent injury is a bad idea. CrossFit training is tough on your body, so invest in the tools you need to protect yourself. A stable mat, a back belt, and lifting gloves are all a good idea, depending on the intensity of your WOD.

Your mat decision might be the most important, since your workout foundation affects everything you do. Choose a mat that combines a stable, no-slip surface with professional cushioning. When working with weights, rubber flooring or stall mats are a must. Many WODs can benefit from a supplemental mat, but don’t make the mistake of picking up a yoga mat and thinking it’s good enough for CrossFit training – it won’t provide sufficient shock absorption. FlexFit mats have the right cushioning and stability to help you perform your best.

Consistency is Key

Like most things in life CrossFit training is not about short term gains, it’s about long term results. The WOD is a great way to keep things fresh and develop your fitness levels without falling into a repetitive, boring workout cycle. Stick with it, and the results will surprise you.