CrossFit-Ready Mats – Why You Need One

by Administrator | 19th Jul, 2017 | CrossFit

Whether you’re just getting into CrossFit training or you’re a CrossFit veteran, you already understand how difficult and demanding it is. CrossFit training is about more than physical strength – you need endurance, speed, agility, and stamina if you expect to excel.

If you’ve got a competition in the near future, chances are you’re already planning your workout and supplement schedule. That’s good, because without a plan you’re not maximizing your output. However, the most important rule in the days leading up to the event is to prevent potential injuries, and the best way to prevent injury is to choose the right foundation.

What to Look for in a Mat

When training, you need a foundation that provides ample support while cushioning your body during any heavy or high impact portions of your workout. A proper mat efficiently absorbs the energy that would otherwise be transferred to your knees, spine, or shoulders, minimizing the chances of strains.

If you’re CrossFit training you’re definitely going to be sweating, so it should also provide a no-slip surface that grabs the soles of your feet. Likewise, you want to make sure your mat will remain anchored to the floor during your workout and won’t slip and slide around the room.

Finally, you want something portable and easy to deploy. Ideally, you could use a proper mat at home for a cardio session just as easily as you could use it at the gym.

Mat Choices

When you break it all down, you really only have three choices: a set of interlocking mats, a rolling/yoga mat, or a hybrid.

Rolling/yoga mats are easy to deploy and carry around, but they tend to be flimsy. Additionally, rolling mats are notorious for sliding on anything less than professional grade workout flooring, so use them cautiously.

Interlocking mats are highly stable and give a good amount of shock absorption, but they aren’t easy to carry around. Generally, interlocking mats are used for semi-permanent padding, which means they aren’t ideal for use as a portable mat.

A good hybrid mat is most likely your best choice, and one of the best mats out there right now is the FlexFit Mat. FlexFit Mats combine portability with professional level padding, a great combination for anyone looking to do CrossFit training.

Remember, preventing injury is all about foundation, and choosing the right mat will give you the foundation you need to reach your fitness goals.