The FlexFit Fitness Mat
by EZ Flex

Take your gym to the next level with FlexFit mats by EZ Flex. Incredibly versatile, FlexFit mats can be quickly rolled out and repositioned for various workouts, providing a high-performance impact-absorbing surface.

Train harder, faster, and longer, with less fatigue and reduced stress—so you can recover more quickly and get back to it.

A more versatile mat.

FlexFit mats easily roll out wherever you need them, to create a convenient high-performance surface to work out or train on. Then roll it right back up to stow for later.
A perfect complement for plyometrics, handstand pushups, handstand walks, rig rack, climbing ropes, stretching... Anywhere you want it.

Product Features

  • Durable non-slip vinyl surface
  • Thick 5/8" or 1-1/4" sports foam for excellent shock-absorption
  • Incredibly versatile, comfortable surface
  • Extremely portable and easy to reposition
  • Rolls up for easy storage or transport
  • Customize with your own artwork
  • Various sizes perfect for gym or home use—or ask about a custom size!

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