• CrossFit Training: The upperclassman

    by Administrator | 6th Sep, 2017 | CrossFit

    You’ve been completing WODs consistently, you’re gradually improving your times, you’re controlling your diet, and you’ve perfected your technique on most if not all of the exercises commonly encountered in CrossFit training. You probably feel great – in fact, you might feel better than you have in years. You’ve got more energy, more stamina, and more strength, and you probably sleep more soundly than ever. So, what now? Where can you go from here? It’s time to start thinking about competing.
  • CrossFit Training: Sophomore Skills

    by Administrator | 21st Aug, 2017 | CrossFit

    Now that you’ve got the CrossFit basics down and you’re consistently completing the WOD, it’s time to take a look at some of the more advanced methodologies surrounding this increasingly popular sport.
  • CrossFit Training: Freshman Orientation

    by Administrator | 11th Aug, 2017 | CrossFit

    CrossFit training has been consistently growing in popularity over the last few years, and if you’re one of the newer CrossFit participants, chances are you feel like a freshman in high school or college. You’re meeting new people, learning new things, examining the ever-changing syllabus, and possibly even making long term plans on your future CrossFit career.
  • WODs – Why Workouts of the Day are Important

    by Administrator | 26th Jul, 2017 | CrossFit

    As anyone involved in CrossFit training can tell you, it’s all about the WODs. Workouts of the Day are central to the CrossFit concept, and provide participants with a set of activities or modalities that are performed in a particular way or repeated for a set length of time. Part of the magic of CrossFit training is that you never know what the daily WOD is going to be. It might be burpees and sit-ups followed by jumping jacks. Or it might be a series of sprints followed by weight lifting. Not knowing what the WOD will be tomorrow means you need to prepare for it today by conditioning your entire body to be ready for anything.
  • CrossFit-Ready Mats – Why You Need One

    by Administrator | 19th Jul, 2017 | CrossFit

    Whether you’re just getting into CrossFit training or you’re a CrossFit veteran, you already understand how difficult and demanding it is. CrossFit training is about more than physical strength – you need endurance, speed, agility, and stamina if you expect to excel. If you’ve got a competition in the near future, chances are you’re already planning your workout and supplement schedule. That’s good, because without a plan you’re not maximizing your output. However, the most important rule in the days leading up to the event is to prevent potential injuries, and the best way to prevent injury is to choose the right foundation.
  • Kids and Fitness

    by Administrator | 29th Jun, 2017 | Home Fitness

    We live in a time when there are too many things kids can do to entertain themselves while remaining inactive: television and movies, smart phones, video games and social media and of course what my kid loves to do…sleep! So how can you get your kids to jump off the couch, put down whatever electronic device they’re holding, and join you for a bit of good old fashioned exercise?